Leggings black-blue colour

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  • Manufacturer: BCM Nowatex
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Leggings tracksuit with fitted leg.

Made from a very comfortable, flexible SuperRoubaix material.


SuperRoubaix® is our winter version of the LYCRA material. A real milestone in knitted fabric technology for colder temperatures. This unique material was invented and developed by scientists from M.I.T.I., instantly gaining immense popularity. For many years, Super Roubaix® remains an unrivaled, highly valued material that is already well recognized by athletes from many countries. Due to the high special design, this material provides excellent, long-lasting comfort and fantastic thermal properties. The velvety bottom of this fabric provides warmth and insulation, and also positively affects ton he muscles. Super Roubaix® has a special finish, such as teflon or advanced teflon, making this material extremely durable and resistant to deformation. Knowledge and experience of the company M.I.T.I. they made Super Roubaix® a unique and desirable element of the collection of every major sportswear manufacturer.